About me

August 13th, 2009

pinkrachel (2)I earned my birth-doula certification through DONA International in 2007. I have had a passion for birth ever since the births of my children, who are now 6 and 4. Something that I thought was just an area of interest blossomed into a hobby and then a part-time “job” (can you call something a job that you love so much?).
I support women in childbirth because I want to:
• give my vote of confidence to women as they give birth
• ensure they have as much information as they need to make the right decisions for them
• make space for birthing women to make their own choices, not have choices made for them
• help laboring women get as comfortable as they can
• honor the new baby emerging into the outside world
• honor the new family in their first sacred hours and days
• serve any other birth partners during the birth process
As of July 2010, I have attended almost 40 births and have been privileged to walk alongside women in a variety of situations: military moms with deployed husbands, single mothers, first-time mothers, stay-at-home mothers, mothers of “advanced maternal age,” and parents from every continent except Australia and Antarctica! I have experience with hospital birth, homebirth, vaginal birth, cesarean birth, VBAC, average singleton births, and even a triplet birth! Being a doula is a wonderful adventure for me, and I bring all my energy and knowledge to every birth.
As the mother of two young children, I am never bored! I enjoy playing, working, and learning with my kids and my husband. In addition to doulaing, I enjoy running, cooking, baking, eating, and reading.

Visit my personal (but very doula-y) blog at http://manhattandoula.wordpress.com/.

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