August 28th, 2009

You were such a servant — constantly getting me water, encouraging me, getting me warm blankets when cold, taking them off when hot, squeezing my hips during contractions. . . and so much more. . . thank you!
– Carmen

Rachel stayed with us throughout labor, delivery, and beyond. She did absolutely nothing that could be interpreted as stepping on the toes of medical staff or as interfering in the intimacy of the experience for my husband and me. Her calm and knowledgeable presence was absolutely critical to our being able to stay clearheaded throughout the process. She offered wise suggestions (that worked!) without leaving any of us feeling inadequate for our own lack of knowledge. She told us pros and cons of different procedures, but never left us feeling pressured to make decisions the way she might have. . . .
We were admittedly a bit skeptical of the need for a doula when we first heard about the concept. We are so grateful that we overcame our skepticism — this was one of the best decisions we made throughout the pregnancy, and we both recommend Rachel’s services without hesitation.
– Adam and Genilyn

Rachel’s presence, I believe, allowed [my husband] to confidently support me in just the way I needed. And so, because of her role as doula, this birth was an incredibly intimate experience between [my husband] and me. When [he] and I were dancing through contractions, laughing at Journey and other 80’s songs, I felt that I was given a gift of bonding with him that in our kid-busy lives of today we seldom seem to get. This is what made this birth so special for me.
– Stacy

I was very calm and confident during the labor and birth, and I’m sure your presence was a big factor.
– Joel
Labor itself was a wonderful experience, and I felt utterly safe and comfortable with you and Joel.
– Kristin

Thank you. Honestly. I felt completely secure, even when I was miserable.
– Michele

You were so great to work with; you had a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm. The meetings before my childbirth really helped me get to know you and trust you.
– Cyndi